Blockchain and Global Trade (IBM and Maersk)

The beginnings of practical applications of the blockchain are bing announced.

The hype has come and gone, it will come and go again but now it is time for proper proof of concept applications to make the world a more transparent and efficient place.

Applying the blockchain to the Infrastructure of Global Trade is the ambitious Goal for 2 World Players IBM and Maersk

New ICO’s, where do I find them?

There are a number of places that show ICO’s that are upcoming and active

Starting with:

No Name Link
1 BitCoin Talk
2 Coin Fund
3 Coin Schedule
4 Crypto Smile
5 Cyber Fund
6 ICO Alert
7 ICO Checker
8 ICO Countdown
9 ICO Crypto
10 ICO Daily
11 ICO List
12 ICO Now
13 ICO OpenLedger
14 ICO Rating
15 ICO Timeline
16 ICO Tracker
17 ICO Watchlist
18 Newbium
19 Private Market
20 Smith & Crown
21 Token Market